Sanctuary Villas in a tranquil forest.

Enveloped in the constantly changing lush nature of Japan’s four bountiful seasons, Hakone’s Miyanoshita area is a one-of-a-kind paradise. Here, 100 meters down in a secluded and unexplored valley, lies ESPACIO The Hakone Geihinkan Rin-Poh-Ki-Ryu, a beautiful retreat surrounded by nothing but calm, peaceful silence and the gentle murmuring of the nearby river. This place was simply made for Hakone.

温泉イメージ 温泉イメージ

Hot spring

Ethereal hot springs have been bubbling up from the depths of Hakone since ancient times.

Hakone’s hot springs were first discovered in the middle of the 8th century and became widely known during Japan’s Edo period (1603-1867).
The soothing hot springs of Yumoto, Tonosawa, Miyanoshita, Sokokura, Kiga, Ashinoyu, and Dogashima came to be revered as therapeutic baths, collectively known as the “Seven Hot Springs of Hakone”.
It was out of this blossoming hot spring culture that the famous ryokan inns of Hakone were established, catering to feudal lords and wealthy merchants seeking healing and relaxation, as well as their families.
Now, centuries later, Hakone remains a popular hot spring resort overflowing with peace and tranquility.


Spring quality

Spring quality: Chloride and Sodium chloride spring (warming, moisturizing)
Indications: Cuts, peripheral vascular (arterial) disorders, sensitivity to cold, depression, dry skin


Relax into an idyllic break, where time slows down and magical memories are made. At ESPACIO The Hakone Geihinkan Rin-Poh-Ki-Ryu, the key is in the details. From room keys adorned with seasonal photographs of Hakone to elegant wooden chopsticks and yukata of various colors and patterns, we offer guests a choice at every step of their stay.
Our materials, patterns, and other touches all express the "blessings of nature" and "changing seasons" of Hakone, as well as the uniquely Japanese flavor of the area.
In addition to ultimate relaxation, we want our guests to find deep connections in the things they use and wear at our peaceful holiday retreat. This is just a small part of the hospitality offered at ESPACIO The Hakone Geihinkan Rin-Poh-Ki-Ryu.

  • Room Key The front of the room key features magnificent and picturesque spring, summer, fall, and winter scenes unique to Hakone. Please feel free to take it home and use it as a good-luck charm.

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  • Chopsticks The wood of seasonal flowering plants is used in our chopsticks to express Japan’s four beautiful seasons. Observe the subtle differences in texture and choose your favorite pair to use from wild mountain cherry, Japanese bigleaf magnolia, peach, chestnut, and plum.

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  • Yukata We have a wide variety of yukata with patterns depicting things such as the natural scenery and symbolic flowers of spring, summer, fall, and winter. We hope you will enjoy wearing them during your stay with us as the seasons come and go.

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