Relax and unwind to the murmuring of the river and the chirping of birds. Surrounded by the quiet sounds of nature, ESPACIO SPA Spa at ESPACIO Hakone is a mystical space where you can experience pure pampering that engages all five of your senses. The hotel features an open-air Hakone lava cave bath, a luxury bedrock bath crafted from ancient Austrian marble, and a cozy treatment room for two. Warm your body, unplug your mind, and achieve true relaxation in the comfort of your own private room.

Bamford Treatment Menu

Our three Bamford treatments, curated by the Bamford Wellness Spa nestled in the unspoiled beauty of England’s Cotswolds, are indulgent and luxurious, making use of special handcrafted oil blends sourced from around the world. Whether it’s our facial treatment that utilizes aromatic botanicals to make your skin blossom, our signature hot stone body treatment that restores your inner vitality, or our full-body restorative treatment that begins with a cleansing foot bath followed by yoga breathing exercises for true calm, your spa treatment will become an unforgettable moment of serenity.

ESPACIO Original Menu

The Beauty of the Four Seasons

Available only at ESPACIO SPA Spa at ESPACIO Hakone, our exclusive spa treatment menu includes a foot bath, oil massage, and other restorative treatments that allow you to immerse your body in Hakone's magnificent spring, summer, fall, and winter seasons. The luxury oils and top-quality treatments inspired by the seasons will allow you to enjoy the beauty of Japanese nature more deeply during your stay.

Opening Hours

3:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Guests receiving spa treatments may also use the spa’s indoor bath, outdoor bath, and bedrock bath.